Introducing the Color Coded Closet

While the personal styling methods here at The Capsule Project may seem run of the mill, our output is something you've never seen before. Our signature services, the Color Coded Capsule and the Color Coded Wardrobe, take into account your style, your body, your lifestyle, and various color factors to create a capsule wardrobe or complete wardrobe plan that fully supports you in all that you do. 

We are currently only accepting clients for 2017.

All of these services can be performed in San Francisco or virtually.

Style Consultation

This is the essential first step to creating a wardrobe you will love. We will dig deep into your style past, present, and desired future. We will discuss your lifestyle and your personal and professional goals over the next couple of years to see how your wardrobe aligns with your goals. We will take a look at some outfits, style icons, and sample wardrobes to see what resonates with you most. 

Color Consulation

Many personal stylists do not delve into the role of color in your wardrobe, but I believe it is essential to creating a wardrobe that is truly unique to you. Using my trainer and mentor Arden Reece's methods, we will analyze which colors you need in your life to express the real you. You will walk away with your best neutrals, your Essence and Magnetic colors, and your Soul Ray and Life Path colors. This portion is the key to creating a Color Coded Closet!

Closet Overhaul

Now we are ready to get our hands dirty in your closet. We will evaluate what works and what doesn't, what you love about your favorite pieces, and what holes you need to fill. This will be exhausting but rewarding, as it is the instrumental in determining your wardrobe roadmap.