Your Wardrobe Roadmap

You've finally reached a turning point: your Capsule or Wardrobe Roadmap is the guide we will use to move towards your dream style. Using your style, color, and closet assessments, I will create a plan to focus your shopping and styling over the months to come. Since this is The Capsule Project, each plan maximizes the versatility of your wardrobe while minimizing the pieces, creating a Color Coded Capsule or Wardrobe that no one else offers.

Customized Shopping

Now it's time to shop! Based upon the Wardrobe Roadmap, I will select suggested pieces for you to purchase to fill in your wardrobe holes. Quality over quantity, always with a minimal yet complete wardrobe in mind. 


It all comes together now. I will create a digital lookbook for you using the new pieces and outfits purchased, as well as the standout stars of your closet. This lookbook will be your go-to source for seeing what's in your closet and how to wear the pieces.