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Rosie Buchanan

Hi. I'm Rosie, a native Californian who used to have multiple closets stuffed to the gills with clothes, shoes, and purses. I had enough clothes for ten people, yet never the right thing to wear. Like most people, I wore about 20% of my closet. Sound familiar?


That's when I ruthlessly cleaned out my closets and began taking a different approach to shopping and to dressing. No longer did I plunk down my hard-earned money for a blouse without thinking whether it worked into my wardrobe well. And, I continued to donate more and more clothing.

I found that the fewer items I owned, the more options I had. Sounds crazy? Try it, you just might like it.

During this process, I discovered something else: I already had a capsule wardrobe. You know what? You do, too. You just haven't realized it...yet. I'm going to help you discover the hidden capsule(s) in your closet. With just a few additional pieces you will design a wardrobe that supports you in all your endeavors: work, play, and everything in between.

I want my closet to reflect my dream internal and external life: a life full of beauty, adventure, color, and simplicity.




the capsule project is a dream in progress


When I first conceived the idea for this blog, I’d planned to apply the capsule wardrobe concept to various areas of life: cooking, decorating, travel, and even how we spend our time. Instead, I focused on the style niche, which has been a lot of fun. I have learned so much over the past years about color, style, and building a wardrobe you love. But, I want to go deeper!


I believe that in order to feel absolutely fantastic, we need to be living in accordance with our true selves. I don’t mean that we need to achieve some unattainable goal, we just really need to know ourselves: our loves, our dislikes, and our mehs. I hope that The Capsule Project will give you insight into how you can get to know how you really work and who you truly are in order to live a simple yet beautiful life that feels balanced and harmonious.


If that aim sounds like your jam and you have an area of expertise that you’d like to contribute, please reach out to me!