3 Must-Have Capsule Wardrobe Colors


Conversations around capsule wardrobe color palettes often seem to focus on selecting the right neutrals so that you have a good foundation for your wardrobe. While I think neutrals are certainly important, I don’t necessarily think they make or break a color palette. However, I believe there are three colors that everyone must have in their capsule wardrobe palettes, and they aren’t the same for everyone!

Your eyes and skin are the secrets

to finding out the three colors

you absolutely must have in your capsule wardrobe palette.


3 foolproof capsule colors


Wearing your eye color livens you up and helps you feel beautiful. Wearing a top close to your face (or jewelry) instantly brightens your face because you are mirroring your coloring. You will likely receive many complements when you wear your eye color.

This capsule wardrobe is for a green eyed-gal with chestnut-colored hair.


Wear the complement to your eye color adds dimension to your wardrobe and will bring out your eyes beautifully. (See this Pinterest board for lots color ideas.) This color will uplift your mood and will also make your eyes sparkle. You will be captivating!

  • Green eyes: red-violet or red, purple, plum, taupe

  • Blue-green eyes: orange or salmony red-orange

  • Blue eyes: browns, copper, bronze

  • Brown eyes: blue, purple, pink, grey

  • Hazel eyes: deep green, lavender


Wearing a shirt close to your skin color shows openness. It sometimes creates a feeling of vulnerability, but when you wear colors close to your skin color, people will be receptive to you and will feel comfortable opening up. Good places to find this color: the red in your palms, your gums, inside of your mouth.

You can also substitute a light neutral, white, or ivory/cream shirt for a skin-colored blouse. The whites of your eyes will help you figure out which white is a great color for you.

Example Fall Capsule Wardrobe


I absolutely love the color palette used in this sample fall capsule wardrobe! When I create a capsule wardrobe, I picture an imaginary woman in my mind. I imagine the colors of her features and her skin, and then I get to work.

This capsule is for a green-eyed lady with chestnut hair and fairly pale peach skin. Can you imagine how radiant a woman with that coloring would look in these pieces?

Colors we have:

  1. Green = Eye Color

  2. Blush = Skin Color

  3. Chestnut = Hair Color (stay tuned for a post on that!)

Great! There are two of the three must-have colors in this woman’s capsule wardrobe.

Colors we don’t have:

  1. Red-violet, red, purple, plum, taupe = Eye Color Complement

OOPS! While this wardrobe is wonderful, adding something a color that complements this lady’s eyes would really add dimension. A flannel with red, plum, or purple as the main color would be perfect.

Colorful Fall Transition Capsule Wardrobe.png

What colors would be in your personalized palette?