The 5 Layers you Need for Fall

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I have said it before, and I’ll say it again: each person has different “needs” and I do not believe in the “one style suits all” premise. However, I do believe that general categories of items lend themselves to generally being useful. An army jacket, a 3/4 length coat, a leather jacket, a long cardigan, and a denim jacket will fit into most people’s lives and wardrobes pretty well. In some locations, you won’t need a true coat: shop according to where you live! I rarely wear warm coats here in San Francisco, but I travel annually to Colorado in the winter so I make sure I have the right outerwear for those trips.

Any styles or shopping links I share are for you to examine to decide whether you love or hate certain styles, colors, or fabrics. Some pieces will seem outrageously expensive - look at those for the detailing of the cut to help hone your sense of personal style. Then you can seek out like items in your price range.


army jacket

Surprisingly versatile, an olive jacket continues to be a fashion staple. If this isn’t your thing, choose a hip-length jacket in a solid color that looks good worn open.



Choose a coat that is not too heavy and that can be layered over a sweater for more warmth. For fall, a hip to midi-length coat will likely be warm enough.


leather jacket

While moto jackets are always on trend, select a style and length that suits you best. If you don’t wear leather, look for an environmentally friendly and humane alternative.


long cardigan

Cozy is the key here. I love the ribbing shown hanging on the clothing rack, but a grandpa style works just as well.

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denim jacket

A classic denim jacket is a good bet to have on hand. Right now it’s pretty on trend. Buying a length and cut that works with maxi dresses will serve you well.



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army jackets




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Long Cardigans


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