5 Tips to a Capsule Wardrobe You'll Love

The response to Laura's capsule wardrobe post was outstanding! Thank you for all of the wonderful feedback. If you haven't read the last post featuring reader Laura Ford's Fall/Winter Capsule, go check it out. Laura shared how she created her capsule wardrobe, as well as fantastic styling tips for a variety of occasions. 

As promised, let's take a look at why Laura's capsule works so well for her. 


Laura loves everything in her capsule. There really is no better shopping tip than to only buy items you truly love. Once you fall out of love with these items, it's time to say goodbye unless they serve a very specific function. This all seems obvious, but far too many of us purchase and wear items we feel that we should love but we don't actually. "Liking it ok" is not good enough! 


In business, advice is often given to "dress for the job you want." While I do believe this is good general advice, it's important to be realistic about your lifestyle. If you live in a place like San Francisco where walking hills to get to dinner is quite common, only owning sky-high heels for nights out just isn't practical. Choose styles, fabrics, and sizes that fit you and your life now, not five years from now. In developing her capsule, Laura thought about how she spends her time and with whom she spends it, and she made sure to include versatile items she can wear in quite a few different ways.

Another look at Laura's Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe


#3 Know Your Style

Laura knows where she is in life and what she does on a regular basis. She understands the aesthetic of her city and dresses accordingly, but stays true to her personal style. The more clarity you have about your own style, as well as your lifestyle, the easier it will be to curate your wardrobe and only keep pieces that reflect who you are. Although determining your style can be incredibly hard if you have varied tastes, if you can do only one thing, this is the most important key to creating a capsule wardrobe you will love to wear.

#4 Choose Timeless Updates, Not Trends

Of the 28 items in Laura's capsule, only 3 are new items: the skinny scarf, the leather skirt, and the leather/denim chaps. Although these pieces are very "in" this season, they are by no means "trendy." The skinny scarf is huge right now, but this Chloé accessory will not be going out of style anytime soon. Leather, particularly skirts, are must-haves right now, but I think the world would end before leather goes out of style. Laura selected modern, contemporary pieces that truly fit her style; she did not chase down every trend of the season.  As a result, her new pieces fit seamlessly into her wardrobe. 

#5 Choose Comfort

There is nothing less chic than being uncomfortable in an outfit. Your confidence drops, your feet hurt, and you just want to go home! Always choose items that make you feel good inside and out! 


These are the fundamentals of any well-functioning wardrobe. You can color-coordinate and design outfits until the cows come home, but if these five foundational requirements are not met then your capsule wardrobe will only let you down.