Bright Heels + Minimal Chic: Outfit Recipe

Reader Lizzie reminded me how remiss I’d been in creating Outfit Recipes, quick and easy interpretations of how to wear clothes you likely already have. I immediately headed to my “Outfit Inspiration” Pinterest board to see what followers love: simplicity. Outfits that were easy to put together and could be dressed up or down are some of my most popular pins.

I also discovered that, like me, people love a minimal outfit of black, grey, or denim paired with a bright heel. This is one of my favorite looks, and it is such an easy way to transition the bones of a Winter outfit into Spring.

Take a look at some of my favorite outfits featuring bright heels:


As you can see, Olivia Palermo, who almost always succeeds at mixing basics with an element of surprise, follows this formula quite often. Bloggers and celebrities alike love adding a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit.

The formula is so simple here: neutral or striped top + denim or solid bottom + bright heel.
How to wear bright pumps

Try it: pick your favorite denim look and swap in a pair of colorful pumps.

Don’t have them? Work with what you’ve got, whether it be a colorful flat, a uniquely design wedge, or a patterned sneaker.