How to Be a Fashion Warrior

The simplest way to create a capsule wardrobe.

No, a fashion warrior is not someone who beats up all the other ladies to snag the last pair of Isabel Marant’s at the sample sale. In order to conquer your closet, you need a strategy as good as the most winning NBA team in history!

Wednesday night was a big night in the NBA. Kobe Bryant scored 60 points in the final game of his pro career. Love him or hate him, that is how to retire!

Closer to home (for me), the Golden State Warriors continued their record-break streak, winning 73 games in one season, besting the famed ’95-’96 Chicago Bulls. Pretty exciting.

I know what you’re thinking – um, so what does this have to do with getting dressed? Surprisingly, a lot. The same things that have made this team super successful are the keys to your winning wardrobe,the keys to being a Fashion Warrior.

Be a Fashion Warrior

  1. Star Players

    Steph Curry may be the reigning NBA MVP, but each of the starting 5 bring something amazing to the team and are MVPs in their own position. Pick out your five go-to pieces: 1 dress, 2 tops, and two bottoms. These should all play extremely well together but should also each have a special quality, color, or design that makes them stand out.

  2. Quality Bench

    There are at least one or two players on the Warriors bench who would start on another team. You want the same kind of depth in your wardrobe. Select 5 more pieces to round out your ten person team. These should be the same categories as the stars. They might play the best with each other, but you should also be able to throw one of these guys onto the court with your starting players.

  3. Dedicated Fans

    The Warriors have some of the most dedicated fans in any sport. They have stuck with them during all the rough years, which makes winning even more beautiful. The encouragement the fans give the players is not to be under-valued. These are your layers: jackets, coats, leggings, etc. – the pieces that can turn a combination of clothing into a perfectly styled outfit. Although the Warriors have fans in the thousands at each game, you should have at least 5-10.

  4. Fun to Watch

    One of the qualities that makes the Warriors so great right now is that they are a bunch of characters. They are fun to watch! Don’t weigh yourself down with humdrum shoes, bags, or belts. These are the pieces that can bring an outfit to life. Even a simple black pump can have a special flourish that shows your personality. Shine on with 10 pieces that make your outfits the life of the party.

  5. Community

    The Warriors love their community, and the community loves them. Quite a few of them choose to live in Oakland year-round because it has truly become their home. Not only do the players give so much to the community in terms of charity work, they also live in the community like regular people, giving back daily to the people who support them. Since you likely own more than 10 items of clothing, what can your top 10 pieces do to give back to the rest of your clothing “community”? Can your favorite shirt add life to a pair of simple pants that don’t see the light of day too much? By mixing up your favorites with those you like but aren’t stars, you can create a thriving closet community. (OK, a little hokey, but I like the idea of my clothes all hanging out at the coffee shop!) Create 10 new combos with your 10 key players and 10 community members. 

Funny thing: if you follow all these steps, you’ll end up with a capsule wardrobe of 35-40 pieces centered around your wardrobe stars. Winning!

A fast, creative way to select your capsule wardrobe.jpg

Are you ready?