How to Set Your Style Intention


Living with intention. Working with intention. There is a lot of talk these days, as well as wonderful educational blogs and products, geared towards setting an intention. But what exactly does it mean? 

in·ten·tion (inˈten(t)SH(ə)n/) noun 1. a thing intended; an aim or plan. "She was full of good intentions." 2. MEDICINE the healing process of a wound.

Hmm. That first definition sounds pretty simple. Is this all just another word for setting goals? If you have ever read or listened to the work by someone like Jess Lively, you know "intention" bears a lot more weight. When we talk about setting intentions these days, I think we are giving it a new meaning: a plan that comes from the heart and is aimed towards healing our past and driving us towards our dreams. 

That sounds a lot more meaningful, doesn't it? 

By combining the two definitions of the word we journey closer to the meaning of the word as it's commonly used these days. 

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that many of us do not think about our intentions when we purchase clothes and design our wardrobe. I believe we do set intentions for certain events like a first date or a job interview, but how about when we're shopping? 

Set your Style Intention for a purposeful closet and capsule wardrobe

6 Steps to Setting a Style Intention:

Grab a pen and a notebook and curl up on your couch with your favorite beverage. 

  1. It's Monday morning and you're getting dressed for the day. Write down 5 words that describe how you want to feel when you look in the mirror after getting dressed.

  2. Think of someone whose style you really admire, be it a friend or a celebrity. What are the top 3 things about her style that you love? Also, how do you think she feels in her clothes? Is there a certain piece of clothing she loves to wear that's absolutely perfect to you? Or a certain type of outfit you find stunning?

  3. Head on over to Pinterest. If you have a board with favorite outfits, take some time to peruse it. If you don't, look at popular posts in the Women's Fashion Category. Pick your top 3 outfits for the following activities: work, going out/dates, and weekend play. Describe each look with one adjective. Note what clothing elements you appreciate about each outfit, whether it be a fabric or a style of shirt. (Like, you love suede and are really into striped shirts.)

  4. Now, spend some time evaluating all of the words you have written down. Are there common themes? For instance, does comfort play a big part? Or perhaps you want to feel feminine or powerful. Pick the five words that resonate with you the most when you think about the image you want to convey and how you want to feel in your clothes.

  5. Turn to the clothing elements. For each type of outfit, element, and item of clothing, pick one word to describe how you feel when you look at it. From this list,, pick you 5 favorites.

  6. Using the words you selected in step 4 and the words you wrote down in step 5, fill in the following sentences:

  • I want to feel ________________ when I get dressed every morning. (I want to feel sophisticated/fun/chic when I get dressed every morning.)

  • At 3 PM I want to look in the mirror and see an outfit that looks ________________. (At 3 PM I want to look in the mirror and see an outfit that looks pulled-together.)

  • I want to wear clothes that feel ____________ and combine for outfits that look _______________. (I want to wear clothes that feel luxurious/cozy and combine for outfits that look glamorous/laid-back.)

  • I want to wear clothes that make me feel ____________, _______________, and _______________. (I want to wear clothes that make me feel confident, comfortable, and modern.)

These sentences here are your style intentions. They are the keys to discovering your personal style.

Read them and reread them. How would you feel if you had a wardrobe that helped you achieve these emotional and style goals? 

Next post we'll take a look at how to use your style intention to select the right clothes, pare down your wardrobe, and save money.