The Complete Jacket Wardrobe

It's time to revisit the Lucky Magazine Shopping Manual! Many readers have been eager to read about which jackets and coats are recommended, so I'm going to start with the jackets today and turn to coats next week. I am sure there is more cold weather in store for all of us over the next two months! 

If you haven't read my previous posts on clothing, shoes, and bags, you'll want to take a look after you have read this post. While these are by no means rules, these lists are very helpful for spotting basics that shape a complete wardrobe, which makes mixing and matching much easier! 

Let's dive right in.

These jackets will last for years and carry you from season to season!

BLAZERS - 1 basic wool, 2 extras, 1 summer weight

My frame of reference for blazers used to only be corporate America. The only ones I owned were part of a suit, and they were not exactly pieces I wanted to wear on my personal time. Now I choose to wear blazers, for work and for play! A three-button blazer says you're ready for business, but a one-button can be dressed up or down. Think about your personal style and your lifestyle when selecting a blazer, both in terms of design and fabric weight. If you live in a warm climate, make sure to choose a lighter wool; a heavier wool if you see yourself wearing a blazer more during the winter months. That said, you can't go wrong with a mid-weight wool. One more tip: make sure the blazer allows room for sleeves underneath, as this will give you the ability to wear it both with a sleeveless top and a lightweight sweater. 

While black is the best first choice for most people, take a look at all of the different options out there, some illustrating below. Pull elements that you love from these different styles, colors, and weights to determine what your dream blazer would look like. If you fall in love with blazers, add in another one or two in a wool you can wear year-round. Try a traditional tweed or your favorite color. Blazers without buttons can be comfortable and relaxed. 

For your summer blazer, select a lightweight fabric like crepe, cotton, or linen (beware of wrinkles). A lighter color works best in summer, as does a blue or black and white stripe. Have fun with it!


I currently do not have a denim jacket that I love. I feel like I am missing an integral part of my wardrobe! A classic blue jean jacket in a slightly cropped shape is a go-to item for casual days. It can be worn with a dress, pants, a skirt, and even other denim for the now-stylish Canadian tuxedo. 

That said, if the traditional style and color just doesn't work for you, look into a different style or color. White is perfect in summer. Trench styling may suit your body better. Denim designers are no longer sticking to the classic shape, as you can see in the selection below. 


Ideally you will own a short jacket that is wool or a wool-blend, but choose a fabric that suits your climate best. For inspiration, look to Pinterest, Instagram, or fashion magazines to get a sense of what styles, fabrics, and colors you are drawn to. Your first short jacket should be your coat alternative: something you wear for a bit of warmth that will complement the majority of your wardrobe. In addition to wool, consider a classic leather moto jacket. 

If you wear jackets in summer, opt for a really lightweight piece that layers well and might be able to be tied around your waist for ease. Bomber jackets are really hot right now and look particularly fun paired with a full skirt. Although this is more of a trend piece, it never really goes out of fashion, particularly if it suits your personal style. An army jacket has become a classic lightweight piece, so try one on to see whether it works for you.


I love velvet blazers, particularly in a rich jewel tone. They automatically dress up an outfit and keep you warm during fall and winter. Opt for two buttons for a more casual look or one button for elegance. A satin trim or wrap styling can dress up this gorgeous topper even more. 

So there we have it. What jackets do you turn to time and time again? Stay tuned for which coats will serve you year after year.