Fast Friday Fave: Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag

Today's favorite is one you've probably seen on the arms of celebrities and fashion bloggers alike. Mansur Gavriel's simple, elegant style has skyrocketed the brand to fame, causing their stock to be sold out in minutes after site relaunches. 

I have been eyeing this bag for months, but because to the hefty price tag I kept hesitating to buy it when it became available. Due to the bag's insane popularity, the brand restocks its products at once and opens up the store for purchasing on a pre-announced date and time. A mad frenzy ensues. Well, this time around, I actually visited the site in time to snag the Black/Flamma bucket bag. I decided not to hesitate, and I purchased. 

Take a look at the many ways this bag has been styled:

In the past, I kept asking myself whether this bag was just a trend and would soon go out of style. I decided that, while its popularity might wane a bit, it is the type of bag that will stand the test of time. Here's why:

  • The styling is simple. The hardware, logo, and bow detail are subtle and functional. (OK, the logo is not exactly functional, but it is so sophisticated.) There are really no unnecessary bells and whistles that could make a bag design more trend-driven and less timeless. 
  • The leather is beautiful. It is sturdy yet sleek. Despite the structure, this bag is super lightweight. The vegetable tanned leather is designed to age over time as it becomes more loved. 
  • The bag is versatile. It can be worn across the body or on the shoulder at various lengths. It can be dressed up or down, as seen in the Pinterest widget. I can carry  just the essentials or take it to work filled with my laptop. It is a go-to bag for the majority of situations. 

As I wear this bag more, I am sure I will be able to enumerate even more reasons why it is amazing, but for now I am just looking forward to carrying it to everything I have planned over the next couple weeks. The beautiful red peeking out from the black is a perfect holiday combination! 

I know full well that this bag is not accesible to most people, so I contemplated for a while whether to post about it. In the end, I decided to write about it because readers can take away clues for what to look for in a bucket bag if you want it to last a long time and transition through seasons and years. 

Keep your eye out for bucket bags that meet the following requirements:

  1. Simple, classic detailing that serves a functional purpose and is not just a frill.

  2. Leather, vegan leather, canvas, etc. that is lightweight, sturdy and built to last, one that is meant to be well-loved and not pristine forever. This will help the bag age well and not look too worn for wearing.

  3. Adjustable straps that allow the bag to be worn multiple ways. 

  4. Classic neutral colors that you wear/carry most often. 

  5. Shape and form that looks good whether your have just a wallet and phone in it or everything you need for a workday. 

I hope that more brands will design bags that meet these requirements that don't carry the cost. Everyone should be able to own something so beautifully simple and timeless. 

Have you seen any bags that meet these requirements?