"Mum Slob": The Struggle is Real

I'm really excited to share with you a blog post by my friend and Factory45 "classmate", Whitney of SproutFit. Whitney works full-time, has a young child, and has a fledgling children's clothing company! Given this, she's the perfect person to address the wardrobe struggles of a busy mom!

Lately, my friend Rosie and I have been brainstorming about mommy wardrobe struggles. As the founder of The Capsule Project, she problem-solves on behalf of her readers’ clothing hang-ups -- sorry, Rosie I had to :) and she mentions this one is common!

In fact, one of her readers perfectly describes an issue I’d previously faced: finding a realistic balance between “looking like a mum slob” and having beautiful pieces (but hardly ever wearing them). 

As a brand new mom on maternity leave, I congratulated myself on brushing my teeth and remembering coconut oil for my cracked nipples – I mean, functional fashion was NOT on my radar at that particular time. But, now that I’m back at work and in swing of parenting a toddler, it’s been important for me to create a wardrobe that can transition easily from the 8-5 workday, to stay-at-home-parenting workdays, to weekends, evenings and events.

With the right foundational pieces, it’s possible to dress for almost ANY occasion. Think of these as the jump-off point, the palette to whatever direction you choose! 

Below is an example of my typical work-friendly wardrobe (9 basic items) that can be taken down a notch for everyday-mommin’, or up a notch for post-work/weekend shenanigans:

Monday: Marled grey top + maroon tank + black leggings + cream trench

Tuesday: Black top + black leggings

Wednesday: Dark grey shift dress + cream trench

Thursday: Marled grey top + black leggings

Friday: Black top + skinny jeans + black puffer vest

Saturday: Black top + vintage wash berry leggings + black puffer vest

Simple 9 Piece Mom Capsule Wardrobe

As a mom, I love pairings that have the ability to transform depending on the accessory.

Take Wednesday’s outfit for example: dark grey shift dress and cream trench.  For work, I added black pumps, bold lipstick and vintage, brooch-like crystal earrings.  After work (heading into mom-mode), I removed my earrings and replaced my heels with flats, then headed to the park to play with my son before dinner! Easy-as-pie.

On Tuesday, I worked from home for half of the day, so I paired my black-on-black ensemble with comfy brown riding boots, then switched to my nude, patent pumps and gold jewelry before heading into the office.

The same approach applies with interesting, artistic pieces. If you own pieces that seem too bold for everyday use, make sure you are making this item the statement and simplifying/muting the other elements of your outfit.

At the end of the day (or long week!), when faced with a wardrobe decision, I typically ask myself a few simple questions:

  • Is it comfortable?

  • Is it transitional?

  • Will it hide “things”? (mom tip: cream hides snot, but black hides e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g else, and is slimming to boot!)

All the best to you in the mommy wardrobe journey, and remember we’re all in it together!




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(This list contains affiliate links that earns this blog a very small amount, which helps keeps us running!)

  1. Express - Black, ponte knit leggings (similar)

  2. Sotela - Dark grey shift dress (100% tencel, made-in-the-USA) - I love Sotela! - Rosie

  3. Gap cream trench coat (similar)

  4. Skinny navy blue belt (secondhand)

  5. Rag and Bone Mid-rise, skinny jeans (made-in-the-USA)

  6. Azules Black, long sleeve cowl neck top (made-in-the-USA, rayon)

  7. Express Marled grey short sleeve, hi/lo top

  8. Patagonia - Black puffer vest (made-in-the-USA, 100% r-PET shell and liner)

  9. Vintage wash berry leggings (secondhand)

  10. Motherhood Maternity Long, maroon tank (similar)

I'm Whitney, the mama behind SproutFit, and I'm so happy that you've taken a moment to learn more about our journey!  SproutFit was born from "mom-guilt", but quickly grew into a passion for designing childrenswear that solved problems (instead of creating more). Our upcoming baby collection is thoughtfully designed with growth spurts in mind, featuring adjustable design and simplified sizing that fits up to a year. Responsibly cut-and-sewn in the USA and sweatshop-free, we refuse to exploit children while making childrenswear! This is a non-negotiable.


Are you a mom? Share your wardrobe struggles!