San Francisco: Marina Favorites



As the name implies, the Marina District in San Francisco is located on the San Francisco Bay and harbors many a beautiful sailboat.

As you travel the walking paths from Fort Mason to Crissy Field, gazing at the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and Marin in the distance, you’re likely to marvel at the beauty of the Bay. There are many days, for sure, that you can’t even see the bridge from Marina Green due to the tick fog announced by multiple sonorous horns.

After you have walked along water, it’s time to head to Chestnut Street to procure some delicious food to give you energy for the next part of your day.

Personally, I recommend getting food to go so you can picnic on the grass by the Palace of Fine Arts, a spot not to be missed. The swans and ducks are not shy, and that' funny hunched bird you see is likely a night heron.

You can also reverse this plan (which might make more sense: grab food on Chestnut, picnic by the Palace, then digest as you amble along the water.

Tip: Order your food ahead of time to pick-up as all of these places will be super busy!



do: walk along the marina to crissy field

Grab a coffee on Chestnut or at the Phil’s stand on Marina Green and walk along the pedestrian path. Go down the pier to the Wave Organ, then walk towards Crissy Field to see Kiteboarders and Herons.


Do: the palace of fine arts

I just love this place. Built for the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition, you’ll feel transported to another era, if only for a moment. One of my favorite evenings this summer was a Tuesday evening visit to see the cygnets (baby swans) and drink some delicious white wine by the water as we watched baby turtles and ducks swim by.



Massive salads and sandwiches that require a lot of napkins are abundant on Blue Barn’s menu. Some favorites: Tostada & Arugula salads; BLT, Northern Fry, Skirt & Buffalo Blue sandwiches; Sheep and Burrata grilled cheeses. Salads are great for sharing, and seriously, get extra napkins for the sandwiches, especially the Buffalo Blue, which we’ve nicknamed the “bathtub chicken sandwich.”



eat: souvla

Souvla opened its fourth location in the city, and we couldn’t be happier. The menu is simple, and the food is clean and delicious. Whether you’re in the mood for a salad or a sandwich in a tasty pita, you’re in for a simple treat. Both potato sides are super tasty. We always get sides of hot sauce, garlic yogurt, and mint yogurt. For vegetarians, the roasted white sweet potato is really good.


eat: tacolicious

You can’t go wrong with most items at Tacolicious, but by far the most delicious is the albacore tuna tostada contramar-style. You will want at least one, depending on what else you order and how hungry you are. This dish was inspired by famous Mexican chef, Gabriela Cámara, now owner of Cala Restaurant in SF. I served these at a birthday party I had a few years ago and at least one person told me they changed their food life. The Marina Girl Salad makes a good side.


EAT: Lucca Delicatessan

Lucca, a neighborhood favorite, has been around since 1929, serving scrumptious sandwiches and to-go Italian food to hungry patrons. Although sometimes I create my own turkey sandwich, I often order The Americano (turkey cranberry) or The Veggie. I didn’t know I liked roast beef sandwiches until I tried the Pat Burrell, which can easily be shared! Check out their selection of imported Italian treats while you’re there.