Fast Friday Fave: Shegul Legging Pant w/ Ankle Zip


I am so excited to share with you about a very young brand I recently discovered: SHEGUL. Aysegul Ilter, an alum of Maiyet and Gap, is a textile designer who launched her NYC-based brand after hearing too many complaints from size 12+ friends about the lack of high-quality clothes in contemporary, modern styles designed to fit and flatter them. 

You'll hear a lot more about Aysegul and the brand within the month, so right now I want to focus on the newest addition to my wardrobe: the SHEGUL Legging Pant with Ankle Zip

Why I Had to Have These Pants

I had a couple pairs of slim-fitting, super comfy blacks pants that I had worn almost to pieces. I finally had to give up one pair, and I had been hanging on to the second pair for dear life, hoping and praying that I'd find a suitable replacement. One of the things I loved about that second pair is the zipper detailing at the ankles, but the worn-out knees just weren't cutting it anymore. So, when I was perusing Hey Gorgeous! the other day, a new brand caught my eye with a beautiful cropped wool moto jacket. I instantly went to their website to read more. 

Before I knew I had about half the website in my shopping cart, so I had to stop myself. What do I really need? I need those slim-fitting black pants with ankle zippers, of course! 

Note: even if you are not a size 12+ gal, I encourage you to read the post because some of the detailing and fabrication discussed might help you figure out what to look for in a pair of very slim pants so they are versatile as they can be for you.

5 Things I Love About these Pants

#1. The Fabric

From the website: "Soft stretch pants with ankle zippers, light weight and smooth touch to the skin. Easy to dress up or down, made from viscose with comfort stretch. Wear it with a statement shoe and let your confidence out." 

Sometimes you read descriptions and the reality does not match up. Not the case here! The pants are so smooth and soft, just wonderful to the touch. They are stretchy enough to be comfortable but the 89% Viscose 11% Elastane Italian fabric is much sleeker and more versatile than some cotton-spandex blend. You really can wear these out and about during the day, to work, and out for girls' night.

#2. The Construction

Amazing. Detailed. Considered. I could go on with highly appreciative words, but I'll be more informative instead. These pants are pieced together in a way that not only provides visual interest, but also helps to fit and flatter the form. I imagine the pattern must be far more complicated than a simple pair of leggings, and the end product was masterfully constructed in Turkey. (Side note: if ethics and social responsibility is important to you, you'll be pleased to hear that they are important to Aysegul, too!)

The front of the pants has two gunmetal zippers running from the "waist" to about 2/3 down the front. Waist is in parenthesis because these pants do not have a defined waist, which I find to be far more comfortable. These pants will not dig in to your waist. You likely will be able to get in and out of them with only one zipper undone. The zippers are sturdy and there is no fear of them sliding down, except for when you want them to! 

There are also flat, straight-seamed pockets on the back, which combine with the zippers, construction, and fabric to make these actual pants on not leggings. The pockets sit very flat and come sewn closed - no rear-bulge happening here. 

#3. The Fit

It might be that I ordered a size too small, but these are very slim fit on me, and I love it! (They are super comfortable.) I wanted pants that looked sleek, and these certainly do. They're like your favorite pair of super skinny jeans but so much silkier. Slim like leggings but they're actual pants. No one will yell at you, "Hey, leggings are NOT pants!" The zippers and construction around the abdomen are really flattering - I kept staring in the mirror at my midsection!

#4. The Ankle Zippers, duh! 

Although I want all three styles of pants SHEGUL makes (and those shorts!), I had to make these my first purchase to replace my previous pair that really shouldn't have left the house for the past year. 

#5. The Versatility

Because these have the styling of pants and the slim fit of leggings, they can be styled either way. I don't have a single pair of leggings that I'd be comfortable going out in public in wearing a shirt that doesn't cover my hips and the majority of my rear, exercise gear aside. These pants can be worn with a beautiful blouse, tucked or untucked, as well as with a long tunic or sweater, and you will look completely pulled together. The fabric and fit are so slim and the ankle zippers so sleek you can wear them with heels, flats, tucked into knee boots, and even cuffed with booties. 

Are you sold yet?

Can you tell how in love with these pants I am? I honestly haven't put on a pair of pants this flattering in years. Not even my James Jeans look this good. They are not inexpensive at $245 and they do need to be dry-cleaned, but if you take good care of them they will last you for years. I also honestly believe that you will wear them often due to the flattering and versatile fit that your cost per wear will be very low, even with the dry-cleaning bills. Plus, they can replace those worn-out leggings and the other pair of black pants you don't really love. 

I sound so much in love with these pants that this post probably sounds sponsored. It is not! I purchased these pants and the opinions are all my own!