7 Capsule Prep Questions to Ask Yourself

Remember that homework I gave you last week about getting to the bottom of your decision to create a capsule wardrobe? Well, I haven't done it, and I feel a little guilty about that! It has been a long week, and I've been pretty much like this (with less of a morning smiley face): 

The irony is, if I had my capsule wardrobe all planned out or had at least a start, my mornings would have been SO much easier. I would not have had to spend all the stressful time figuring out what to wear! 

When asked why we want something, there's usually one or two surface responses that come quickly to mind. When we dig a bit deeper, though, the more important reasons flow forth. 

It's easy for me to say that I want to look more pulled together. I want to simplify and streamline my closet. I want to spend less money on clothes that don't really work for me. These are all important reasons to want a capsule wardrobe. When I think about what I really hope to gain from this exercise, though, it boils down to time and confidence. 

I want to know that when I get quickly dressed in my pre-styled outfit, I will feel confident that I look great and that the outfit is representative of my personality.

One morning this week I had decided what to wear the night before, and it was the closest I've felt to my "why" all week. So, while I still plan to work on my first assignment this weekend (and hope you do the same) I'm also going to take advantage of the long (albeit busy) weekend. 

7 Questions to Ask as you Prep your Capsule

Let's create a simple 14-day capsule wardrobe from clothes we currently own!

That will take us through 2 whole weeks. Questions to ask when creating a small capsule: 

  1. What's on the calendar for the next two weeks? 
  2. What might pop up at the last minute that I'm not anticipating? 
  3. Am I ok with any repeat outfits?
  4. Based on the above, how many outfits do I need?  
  5. What's the weather going to be like? 
  6. Where in my cycle am I? 
  7. Are there any pieces I want to specifically test wearability for?

These questions are very similar to those I ask when planning for a trip. Most of the pieces you select this round should be your tried and true favorites that you feel good in. One or two pieces could be up for evaluation - ones you don't want to purge but you don't wear them a lot. 

my pinterest board about travel style can get your ideas flowing for this capsule.

I highly recommend the StyleBook app for keeping track of your clothes and your outfits! It is not free, but it is worth the price if you use it. It make planning, particularly for travel, much easier. For capsules, I create a "Packing List" and input all my capsule pieces and outfits. 

I'll be posting a sample capsule list and outfit ideas shortly. Unfortunately, I have to return to my day job!