The Complete Shoe Wardrobe


We've covered most clothing items and bags, so now it's time for my favorite: SHOES!

(Still to come: Jackets, Undergarments, Swimsuits, and Outerwear.) 

The Lucky gals split up shoes by Summer and  Winter, which generally makes sense. Obviously you'll wear whatever shoes are most appropriate for the weather during Fall and Spring. The list contains 10 basics (5 each season) and 5+ extras. I can't imagine how much more room I'd have in my closet if I only had 15 pairs of shoes! (I think my boyfriend alone has 5 or 6 pairs of shoes here - they take up too much space!)

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Complete Winter Shoe Wardrobe.

Winter Basics

Knee Boots (2 Pairs)

Depending on the climate you live in, you might be able to get away with one pair of knee boots in whichever leather you'll get the most wear out of. If you opt for 2, choose on in black and one in another neutral like brown or grey. Keep heel height low to medium for maximum versatility and comfort.  I have the Sam Edelman "Penny" boots in black and I love them. PLUS, they are available in Extended Calf Widths, which can be really hard to find at this price point for a quality boot.

Evening Shoe

Winter evening shoes could be closed-toe and embellished, like this pair, or they could be a strappy sandal in velvet or satin - whatever works for your style. Consider what types of events you are likely to attend and pick a comfortable, versatile shoe that can go with a cocktail dress or a more formal gown. 

Office Shoe

If you work in a corporate environment, I think you would definitely need another pair of office shoes, but a pair of black leather pumps is a good place to start. Stick to a 2.5-3 inch heel in an elegant, timeless shape. These are shoes you'll likely wear outside of work, so pick a pair you love to wear. 

Casual Pair

You can never go wrong with some New Balance sneakers. For a casual winter shoe, select a dark color that will hide winter weather. 

My Must-Have Addition: Booties

Booties were listed as an "extra" in the Lucky Manual, but they have become a staple since this book was written, so I would definitely add one in that you can wear with a variety of pieces to a host of events. If you want to keep shoes down to a minimum, swap out one of the pairs of knee boots for more variety. Think Rag & Bone style, whether or not you wallet can afford it. 

Winter Extras

Flat Office Shoe, Ankle Boots, Another Knee Boot Pair

If you want a little more variety, add in a flat office shoe in a classic shape and neutral color. Booties are  must, of course. If you wear knee boots a lot, consider another pair in a color you don't have. Have fun with this pair, either with the style (above the knee?) or the color (go green!).

Complete Summer Shoe Wardrobe

Summer Basics

2 Summer Office Shoes

It's time to lighten up your work shoes for summer. Pick brighter hues (like this beautiful blue) or lighter neutrals. Block heels, which are very big right now, are perfect for commuting. Flats like these trendy wraps will serve you at work and on the weekend. Choose styles and colors that allow for maximum versatility. Block heels are also perfect for traveling if you must bring heels. 

Strappy Sandals

Strappy sandals are a must for summer parties. Once again, select a pair in a light neutral or bright color, or a beautiful metallic. Consider metallics neutrals - they go with everything.

Flat Sandals

Your go-to weekend shoe for BBQs and casual work environments. Have fun with this pair! If you don't like to wear very flat sandals, opt for a small .25" to .5" heel.


Summer must-have, particularly if you're a beach-goer or spend time at the lake. My favorites are Havaianas, FitFlop, and Montrails for more support. 

These shoes will cover you for pretty much everything you need. I would add a metallic flat, which you can wear almost year-round in practically any situation. 

Summer Extras

My Addition: White Leather Sneakers, Nude Office Shoes, More Strappy Sandals

The book recommends adding more strappy sandals and a pair of light-colored office shoes. These are good ideas - you can't go wrong with a nude heel - but I also think a white tennis shoe (or another light color) is a must for summer. You won't always want to wear your flip-flops or sandals during weekend days. 

What do you think?

Is this enough shoes for you? Are you bored by the lack of "fun" in there? Where's the animal print, right?!