The Trench: Not for Everyone

Wow, I have not posted in a while! Such a busy time of year with the holidays, and work has only added to the insanity. I apologize for the lack of content over the past month.  

In a recent newsletter, I asked readers to contact with me what so-called "wardrobe must-have" isn't a necessity for them. I had shared that I don't believe in a standard list for everyone, citing my difficulties finding a "classic white shirt" that really works for me as an example of something not on my current list. 

Jill, a San Diego, CA resident wrote: "I am sick of seeing "the classic trench" on every list of essentials. I live in San Diego, where it's generally warm and rains for about twenty minutes per year, so a trench would rarely see the outside of my already crowded closet."

Having lived in San Diego myself for a couple years, I completely understand Jill's frustration! It is neither cold nor rainy enough to make good use of a trench coach. 

So what are Jill's go-to outerwear pieces? 

  • faded jean jacket
  • cardigan
  • blazer

Between these three pieces, Jill rarely needs another jacket. She wears her jean jacket with almost everything. Even when she is not wearing the jacket, she often ties it around her waist. To avoid the "Canadian tuxedo" of denim on denim (ok these days!) she pairs her cardigan with jeans. She pulls her blazer out when she needs to dress up a bit. 

What is a "wardrobe essential" that hasn't earned a place in your closet?