Easy Transitional Weather Outfit Planning

Easy outfit planning for the changing weather.

I have been hearing rumors that the weather is a fickle friend (maybe foe?). Although we are just about to embark on our warm season here in San Francisco, it's hard to tell whether the weather is going to be 60 degrees and windy or 75 and sunny. 

We are in a transitional time in the Northern Hemisphere, where weather seems to be getting chillier. If you have a seasonal capsule, you may not have transitioned your wardrobe yet. But, with the addition of just a few pieces you can prepare for the cooler weather ahead. 

If you are in the Southern Hemisphere and preparing for the sun, just follow these tips in reverse!

How to plan for unpredictable weather.

Some simple planning for various temperatures (and functions) will save you from the "I don't know what to wear" panic! Perform this process with five different outfits and you'll see just how much easier life becomes during these unpredictable times. 

Rosie M.Comment