24 Rain Boots to Shop for your Winter Capsule Wardrobe

24 Rain Boots to Shop for your Winter Capsule Wardrobe

It’s sweater weather!

Well, at least here in California. To our Southern Hemisphere readers, we owe you a post on sandals! (Snow boots coming soon.)

No matter where you live, having a pair of comfortable rain boots that protect your feet from getting wet are a winter capsule wardrobe essential, and likely a spring capsule wardrobe essential, too.

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3 things to look for in a rain boot


    First and foremost, rain shoes should be comfortable and supportive. If you wear any kind of insole, make sure there is room for your insole in the shoe. Also, try the shoes on with the kinds of socks you tend to wear.

  • waterproof

    Duh, This seems obvious, but do some research into the fabric to make sure it’s truly waterproof. Also consider whether you want the boot to be insulated.

  • traction

    You need to be able to walk long distances on varied terrain without slipping and injuring yourself! Triple check the traction on your boots.


24 rain boots to shop this winter

(I have had the Sperry’s in the top row in Black for years and they still look like new!)


Rain boots are an opportunity to add some bold color, pattern or personality into your wardrobe! For some reason, it’s much less risky to go big with these boots. Give it a try.