Winter to Spring: Transitional Capsule Wardrobe


Now that we've gone through our example reader's wardrobe tracker in this post and this post, it's time to put all of the pieces together. By weaving Spring pieces into her Winter wardrobe, our reader can easily transition her wardrobe to adjust to warmer weather. 

I advocate a slow shift instead of an immediate seasonal wardrobe change.

Yes, I know. This goes against a lot of seasonal capsule wardrobe plans. But the reality is that Mother Nature doesn't act so suddenly. It's not like March 23rd rolls around and suddenly only 75 degree days occur. As we move into Spring, we have warmer days and cooler days, wet days and dry days. We still need to dress for the present and we plan for warmer days ahead. 

If you have a year-round wardrobe, you probably wear certain items more than others during specific periods of time. By transitioning pieces in and out of heavy rotation you will feel like you have a refreshed wardrobe as Spring rolls around. 

Three tips for transitioning your wardrobe:

  1. Start wearing lighter colored shoes with your current uniforms and begin to rotate the darker shoes out of your closet.

  2. Experiment with print-mixing to bring more life to you outfits. 

  3. If you wore boots with an outfit, try booties. Just do it. 

The Capsule Wardrobe

As you look at the Winter/Spring Transition Capsule Wardrobe below, you'll notice that some pieces in the original clothing list have been removed or replaced. There are also a few additions that I suggested in the previous post. 

There are 48 pieces in this capsule wardrobe. I don't believe in mandating a certain number of pieces - it is all about what works for you. That said, this wardrobe was put together with the idea that as the weather warms up, some pieces, like warm sweaters and scarves, will drop off the list. As our example reader transitions into Spring, she will continue to see what she is wearing and will adjust her capsule as needed. Perhaps she will add in a few more lightweight items or another skirt or dress. 

A Winter/Spring Transitional Capsule Wardrobe - learn how to move your clothes into Spring

Spring Outfits

Keeping in mind the Winter uniforms, here are just a few suggested outfits that can be made from mixing the Winter/All-Season pieces with some new Spring items. 


Oufit #1


Oufit #2


Oufit #3


Oufit #4


Oufit #5


Oufit #6


Oufit #7


Oufit #8


Oufit #9


Oufit #10


What does your Transitional Capsule look like? What will you add and what will you drop?