How to Find Your Best Dark Neutral

Black, black, and more black.

It is easy to believe that black is the only dark neutral there is out there in the world. It's pervasive in stores and in many of our wardrobes. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing black - I still do often - many of us don't realize that another deep neutral would complement our coloring much better.

it's time to share the love.

Charcoal and Brown probably deserve a more prominent position in your closet, depending on your coloring, of course. When my color mentor Arden Reece did my colors during a training session, it was so clear that I looked much more alive in deep Charcoal than I did in Black. My coloring is just not deep enough to wear a heavy black all of the time, particularly near my face. may not be black! Learn how to determine the best dark neutral for you!.png

ready to hear the secret to finding your best neutral?

The brows have it.

The rims of the eyes, too. 

Bam. You're staring at your best "black."

First, look at your eyebrows. What's that you say? You're seeing black? Oh, in that case, fantastic! If you've got black eyebrows and black eye rims, then black is your best dark neutral. (It gets a bit more complicated when you look at whether it's a warm or cool black, but for now we'll just stick with black.)

No black there? What do you see? Deep brown? Auburn? Deep taupe? Charcoal? Give black a break for a while and give the color you're seeing in your eyebrows a try. 

You'll definitely want to look at the rims around your iris for a clue to your best dark neutral. You might see warm brown or slate grey. You may even see a deep marine or a forest green. Yes, these colors can serve as your dark neutral because they work with so many other colors.

But my eyebrows are super light. What do I do?

If you have darker brows and lighter eyes, try your brow color and the eye rim color. They both have a place in your wardrobe and you should use them liberally. 

I'm not saying you don't look good or even great in black!

You don't have to give it up. Consider wearing black on your bottom half.

Wear a black dress with a layer in your best dark neutral over it. 

Add black as accents in accessories.

Black will always be a wardrobe staple. Choose to wear it as you wish. 

Many of us, though, buy black as a fallback because we don't know which colors look great on us.

Give your newly discovered dark neutral a try. You may find you love how you look.



    Some Homework

    Look deep into your eyes in a magnifying mirror. Make note of what colors you see in your eyebrows and the rims of your eyes. While you're at it, write down all the colors in your eyes as they are the keys to some of your other best colors!

    Can't see your eyes so well without glasses? Have someone take a close-up photo of your brows and eyes or snap a selfie. 

    What did you discover? 

    Let us know in the comments!