Hi. I'm Rosie, a native Californian who used to have multiple closets stuffed to the gills with clothes, shoes, and purses. I had enough clothes for ten people, yet never the right thing to wear. Like most people, I wore about 20% of my closet. Sound familiar?

A couple of years ago I said, ENOUGH!

That's when I ruthlessly cleaned out my closets and began taking a different approach to shopping and to dressing. No longer did I plunk down my hard-earned money for a blouse without thinking whether it worked into my wardrobe well. And, I continued to donate more and more clothing. 

I found that the fewer items I owned, the more options I had. Sounds crazy? Try it, you just might like it. 

During this process, I discovered something else: I already had a capsule wardrobe. You know what? You do, too. You just haven't realized it...yet. I'm going to help you discover the hidden capsule(s) in your closet. With just a few additional pieces you will design a wardrobe that supports you in all your endeavors: work, play, and everything in between.

I want my closet to reflect my dream internal and external  life: a life full of beauty, adventure, color, and simplicity. 

Do you want this, too? Join me on this journey!