Do you find yourself overwhelmed when trying to get dressed each day?


Perhaps your drawers are overflowing and you have no idea where to even find what you want wear. 

Since you're here, I'm guessing you still have too many clothes in your closet. 

You've decluttered  your closet to get rid of items many times over, yet the results don't seem to stick. Or, you are left with a bunch of clothes you think you should be wearing but you always seem to put them back into your closet. Before you know it, you have acquired more clothing and you are left with a lot of pieces you don't even wear. While weeding out is always commendable, perhaps there's a better way. 

You need to get Streamlined in 7.

Hi, I’m Rosie, and I'm here to help.

I’ve gone through a lot of shopping and purging cycles during my adult life. I want to show you  the process I used to streamline my own closet. I will teach you how to take stock of what you love and need in a way that will clean out your closet once and for all. Using the "life-changing" KonMari method described in Marie Kondo's bestselling book, we will attack a portion of your closet each day. This will help you be thorough with each category and minimize overwhelm. 

So, what does this 7-lesson closet bootcamp entail?

Great question! Let me break down what each day has in store:

  1. Method Overview and Top 20 Pieces - Yes, there is a Day 0. You will receive an email describing the basic process, as well as a workbook to keep track of your progress. We'll also set aside your most-worn items, which we will assess towards the end of the course.
  2. Tops - We will weed out all of your tops, including blouses, sweaters & t-shirts. We will also learn how to categorize each piece you keep.
  3. Dresses & Bottoms - A full purging of dresses, pants, jeans & skirts. 
  4. Jackets & Outerwear - It's time for jackets and outerwear. 
  5. Shoes - The hardest category for me! We'll turn our attention to shoes.
  6. Bags & Accessories - We'll take a look at all your bags, and, if you choose, accessories. 
  7. Activewear & Loungewear - These days, workout gear and loungewear can take up a ton of closet space. Time to assess these categories.
  8. Your Most Worn Pieces - Finally, we will return to the pieces you wear the most and gain an understanding of why you turn to them time and time again. 

How does this seven lesson bootcamp work?

Every day (for 7 days) starting the day you sign up below and confirm your subscription, you will get the day's tasks delivered to you via email. The lessons include text and PDF downloads (worksheets). You’ll also get a handy basic capsule wardrobe checklist in your confirmation email to get you thinking about a more minimal closet.

And, since the material arrives directly in your inbox, you get lifetime access to the lessons so that you can keep going back to them whenever you want to.

So, to be clear, what do you get for registering?

Let’s review. You get:

  • 7 (really 8) custom lessons on cleaning out your closet
  • worksheets to help you understand your closet and assess your progress
  • lifetime access to the materials for each lesson
  • the expertise and advice of someone who has used these methods to develop a streamlined closet